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6 Responses

  1. Henry Lee says:

    One Hell of a Sharepoint Site! What is surprising about this nice site is that belongs to a governmental agency. I bet they hired someone to create it. Who is it? It will be nice for them to take the credit.

  2. Chris H. says:

    For the money they spent to redesign the site, you bet it should look amazing. $18 million!!! It was big news back in July ’09…

  3. Arjan says:

    For $ they could have blocked core.js from loading.. thats an unnecessary 265k download. Amateurs 🙂
    Nice site though.

  4. Sonah says:

    For the money they spent, they should have tested it to look good in IE 8 without having to go to compatibility mode.

  5. Samuel says:

    The entire award is for $18 Million and will be awarded over multiple phases of the project. Just read the press releases on the respective companies site who won the contract. What you’re seeing is the fruits of “phase I”. I’m sure there’s more to come.

    Blocking core.js should only be considered if all your userbase is browsing anonymously or readonly, which is not the complete case with this site. I wouldn’t that decision “amateur” 🙂

  6. will says:

    the Front End code is a mess they’ve used lots of heavy webparts and table based mark up for £18M they could have made the site accessible to people with disabilities and ensured it validated against w3c standards.

    try it


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