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Author: Luis Kerr

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  1. George Knox says:

    The Vamosa automated migration software is being deployed across hundreds of Enterprises in some of the largest and complex Sharepoint Migrations in the US and Europe. Vamosa is very strong in regulated industries such as Pharma,Govt and Financial services.
    Vamosa was also the first software vendor to have their Sharepoint 2007 connector certified and validated by Microsoft for the BPOS cloud environment.
    Vamosa technology allows both Web and Documents to be migrated without having any content freeze for the business authors.

    Suggest you check out the site and look at the customers as the other vendors are very focused on smaller simpler migrations which will be a problem for many of them apart from MetaVis when organisations rollout SP2010 in anger.

    Hope this helps fill in a gap in your research.

  2. Mary says:

    I have seen this as latest on google search for sharepoint2010 migration;

  3. Michael says:

    Don’t forget Verinon’s Easy2Share product and turnkey migration services. We support migration from eRoom, EMC Documentum, Lotus Notes, Stellent, LiveLink, Filenet and other content sources to SharePoint MOSS/WSS 07 and 10!

  4. Dilip says:

    I having 2 different root site SiteA & SiteB. SiteA having subsite called Department which i want to synch with the subsite of SiteB.

    Where i am using different custom page layouts. Please tell me how can i achieve this.

    Thanks in advance…..

  5. asif says:

    I have tried many migratoion options but I have found Xavor’s SharePoint Migrator Tool best of all. It provides up to 15 GB free data migration.

  6. Tania says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful info with us. Had a good time with your blog.

  7. Chris says:

    Interesting that a couple vendors are claiming “certification” with BPOS when there is no such formal certification.

  8. Cawood says:

    Actually Chris you are mistaken. Metalogix is certified by Microsoft for installation on BPOS-D environments. It is a formal process that involves extensive security testing. See the press release on the Metalogix website for more details.

    Also, Metalogix was the first vendor to pass the certification and Microsoft can verify the press release is accurate.

  9. Chris says:

    Cawood, I beg to differ. I’ve seen the press release, but have also talked to the BPOS team. There is no such thing as “BPOS certification.” There is acceptance of a solution into the platform, but no official certification process. If I am wrong, I’m sure you can post a link to a Microsoft site where the certification program is outlined.

  10. Nabeel says:

    Visionet has tools that can auto migrate Lotus to SharePoint when it comes to Meta Data. its 100% automated. Post migration the look and feel remains the same so it does not give the users a hard time to understand the new environment.

    Visionet Also has a tool to migrate Lotus to SharePoint if there is complex code involved. 775% of the migration is automated and the rest requires manual manpower. It saves a lot of manual effort resulting in cost and time saving.

    visit and you can see a demo of the tools.

  11. Walter says:

    Chris, there absolutely is a “certification” process. You have to provide design documents (…and other supporting docs depending on the type of solution) as well as run your system through MSOCAF (CAT.Net, SPDisposeCheck, and other tools) before it can even be considered for approval to run in the online environment. So it is a very formal and well-documented process that any ISV (…or customer for that matter) has to go through. It is not publically documented, at least not that I am aware of. As an ISV, you effectively have to be sponsored by someone within Microsoft, Redmond or field, to start the process. I’m not sure what the process is for a customer, but if you’ve talked to folks on the BPOS team I’m sure they can point you in the right direction.

    In the end I believe it’s very reasonable to refer to it as a certification process. I’m an MCP and it was a lot easier to become a “certified” professional than be “accepted” for BPOS. 🙂

  12. Chris says:

    Walter, acceptance criteria – yes, certification program – no. You might view it as semantics, I consider them differently.

  13. Walter says:

    Chris, I absolutely view it as semantics, but respect your need/desire to view it more rigidly. I guess I’m more focused on the fact that there is a thoughtful process in place than the word that is used to describe it.

    Going back to the MCP program, it would apear that you would accept that as a certification even though the process does very little to certify one’s ability to do anything other than read and comprehend. The “certified” label doesn’t do anything in my mind to elevate it beyond that.

  14. Sebastien says:

    Why dont you let the migration to the users? We, at Sharegate, built a set of tools that can help you migrating stuff over to SharePoint 2007, 2010 or Office 365. The user friendly interface allows users to select files from their computer or SharePoint and copy them over to SharePoint. We keep version history and system properties (creation / modification information) while transfering stuff over. See for more information.

  15. Admittedly, legacy data consolidations to on premise SharePoint or SharePoint online (BPOS, Office 365 ) becomes more of green-horn job. Previously I upgrade my enterprise to SharePoint 2010 with PCVITA Express Migrator to be cost-effective, if asked. Because online SharePoint migrations can’t bear any economies of scale with existing utilities at that time, I restrain to opt the same. But PCVITA Express Migrator for sharePoint is available upgraded supporting SherePoint online and on premise consolidations ( as well. Nonetheless, with much lower prize then those prevailing in market out from similar utilities. Free download to procure your migration scenarios here as:

    Burn Windows File System direct to SharePoint site hierarchy

    Fuel Your Lotus Notes infrastructure up to SharePoint online services

    Or Straight migrate from Existing premise SharePoint deployment to SharePoint online (2007, 2010)

  16. It is not all about the tools, putting the business in the driver seat will help a lot! We currently have a promotion about migrating Livelink to SharePoint: the Livelink migration weeks:

    Let’s not deny: the tools are important, but garbage in garbage out.

  17. Laurie Head says:

    For those of you who are interested in a free training on migration to SharePoint 2010 (10 tips), SusQtech is running a 1/2 hour webinar on Monday, Jan 9, at 1:30 EST. You can register here:

    – Laurie Head, AIS Network (SharePoint Hosting)

  18. Jim B says:

    The best price/performance value without a doubt is the SharePoint DocKIT from at only $1,299 as a one-time licensing charge plus 30% annual maintenance. It communicates with the SharePoint Service web.asmx and migrates files right into the Document Library at the rate of perhaps a single 300kb file every 2 seconds around the clock in unattended mode.

  19. I have some news to announce, we now created an export module for Livelink that works together with Metavis. That together makes an inexpensive solutions. More info:

  20. Marius J Smith says:

    The other Migration tools not listed here would include:
    – Dell Software:
    – Kapow:
    – Codeplex (Open Source)

  21. Grig says:

    Did someone, migrate Hummingbird to SharePoint 2013?
    If yes what tool did you use?

  22. Richard says:

    Gregoire – did you ever find a solution to migrate Hummingbird to SharePoint 2013? We are dealing with the same challenge.

  23. Jerome says:

    How do I migrate my promoted results from sharepoint 13 to sharepoint the cloud?

  24. Luke says:

    Cloud FastPath also has Sharepoint integration with on-prem file shares and cloud based file systems/shares.

  25. Pablo Guerra says:

    Has anybody migrated from WebLogic Portal To Sharepoint?

  26. I have recently found a link on Google of SharePoint Database Migration.

  27. Macharayya says:

    Hi There,

    Please include Saketa SharePoint Migrator – into the list. We have more than 1000+ Signups till date and serving fortune listed companies.

    Get in touch for more information.


  28. SKYSYNC is the fastest migration tool out there and even keeps metadata and governance controls in place.

  29. Hi there,
    Could you please include Xillio? They have lots of import and export connectors to migrate to and from most common enterprise content management system, including SharePoint.
    Here is a list of their connectors

  30. Dave says:

    Here’s another tool for Lotus Notes to SharePoint content migration:


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