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SharePoint Roadmap: Migration Tool for SharePoint Online Coming

Microsoft's roadmap for its various Microsoft 365 products has been updated, indicating several new features are poised to roll out to SharePoint Online tenancies this month. For starters, Microsoft is releasing a public preview of the SharePoint Migration Tool for use with SharePoint Server 2016 site migrations to SharePoint... read more

WFM Certificate Renewal Process for SharePoint 2013/2016

In order to reset generation key for WFM and SB the following steps needs to be done: System date and clock of WFM node must be set back before certificate expiration date (step needs to be done if multiple WFM nodes in farm). read more

How to Troubleshoot Issues Modernizing SharePoint Online

Administrators may have started to notice our diagnostics starting to render within the M365 Admin Center support portal for certain text queries as early as December 2018. Please refer to our previous diagnostic blog post How to troubleshoot issues in SharePoint Online and OneDrive with diagnostics. read more

Awareness of Temporary Adjustments in SharePoint Online

During these unprecedented times, we are taking steps to ensure that SharePoint Online and OneDrive services remain available and reliable for your users who depend on the service more than ever in remote work scenarios. Many SharePoint Online and OneDrive customers run business-critical applications against the service that run... read more

How Sharepoint Development Can Increase Business Activity

Sharepoint is a collaborative platform that allows documents and internal processes management. Sharepoint developer is a professional, who helps to customize the platform to a particular client's needs. read more

Audience Targeting in Modern SharePoint

Audience targeting in modern SharePoint is a way to tailor the news displayed on the same page for different audiences based on their profile. It started rolling out towards the end of 2019 and should now be available to all customers. Here’s how to get the most out of... read more

8 Capabilities that should be among your 2020 SharePoint intranet resolutions

The beginning of the year is a great time to think about intranet goals. And now that were seeing the rollout of new capabilities announced for SharePoint at Microsoft Ignite 2019, I wanted to share my favorites – and offer advice about using them. read more

Parallel Approvals using Microsoft Flow, Forms & SharePoint

Microsoft Forms can be used to quickly create a form that anyone in your organization can fill out, then a Flow can be created to pick up the responses, write them to a SharePoint list, and then send approval emails to multiple people to approve / or deny the... read more

Run a Flow as Part of a SharePoint Site Design

Back in the old days of SharePoint, you could save a whole site as a template, and any workflows that were on that site, were automatically part of the template. So, sites that were created from that template then automatically had the workflows included. read more

Make Your Technology & Digital Workplace Roadmaps More Actionable

In this post, I want to share a couple of quick recommendations around Technology Strategy (like Office 365), Digital Workplace strategy (Intranets, Extranets, Collaboration, Meetings, etc.) and roadmaps, some resources for further reading and highlight the opportunity for us to connect at the SharePoint Conference in May this year. read more
How to Setup Communication Site in SharePoint Online

Microsoft Details Site Creation with SharePoint and Teams

A recent Microsoft demo presentation describes how to create a new Teams Site "modern" page using an existing "classic" SharePoint page. The demo was the first in a series of Microsoft videos prefacing the SharePoint Conference event, which will take place in Las Vegas in May. Mark Kashman, senior... read more

SharePoint Page Enhancements

There's a SharePoint page for that. From content-rich home pages that serves entire organizations, to recurring quarterly business review read outs, to internal campaigns, to "welcome to the company" starter pages. As the rich capabilities of modern SharePoint pages evolve, all communicators can better design and promote their information... read more