Initiate Systems

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  1. As a Senior Consultant with Evaxyx, I found this piece fascinating and deeply relevant.
    At Evaxyx, we believe that information is at the heart of any modern enterprise, and that it must be used for business advantage. We always begin by constructing a model of the data used in an enterprise. Our models promote engagement over formality. Before any discussions on data can begin, it is essential that a common basis of understanding is achieved. There are always existing perspectives to accommodate. We do this by working collaboratively and intensely with our customers.

    Every customer we work with is different. Most have long histories of IT adoption, and many are leaders in their own domains. We systemise our approach using the Evaxyx Delivery Method, a knowledge management framework that allows us to capture, reflect and disseminate our diverse experiences. We seek to understand the methods used by our customers to create their data estates, and use this understanding to improve how they will exploit these estates to face the next generation of business challenges.

    We firmly believe that each business domain has its own unique data challenges, yet we have come to realise that there is much to be learned from cross-fertilising best practices across diverse business applications. We encourage our customers to use our wide-ranging experience, and learn from each other, to see how they can use their data in innovative and effective ways.


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