Feed Image Slider from CQWP – Part 2

Author: Luis Kerr

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18 Responses

  1. Ad says:

    Hi Luis,

    Thanks alot for sharing this!

    One thing I missed or not working properly is the Slide-Image-Link shows in the caption not the description.

    Any idea?


  2. Ad says:

    Hi Luis,

    Don’t bother with description issue. Title works better!

    Is there a way to add Play and Pause buttons on the slider?

    Again THANKS ALOT!


  3. ns says:

    this is very good article. but in the Fields to display section give this error:
    The site or list column “Slider-Image-Link” does not exist or is not valid.
    What is the problem?
    can any one help me?

    thank you.

  4. ns says:

    excuse me this error:
    The site or list column “Slide-Image-Link” does not exist or is not valid.

    thank u again..

  5. Greg Joiner says:

    SP 2010 , our school policy won’t let us use responsive. All went well until the end, I get all slider parts and dots for the UL.
    I have gone over step by step four times still no luck. Is responsive required, or can you re-code for use w/o?

  6. Luis Kerr says:

    Greg, of course you can force the slider not to be responsive and to stay at the same width/height using the CSS.

  7. Greg Joiner says:

    I meant to not using the ‘responsive’ theme, it appears to be required style for this to work. We have to have OOB SP 2010 (weeel mostly – grin).

  8. MTG says:

    Hi Luis,
    Thanks for both part 1 and 2 tutorials. Question on part 2: if I will use multiple Content Query on the site, will modifying those xsl files affect all? Or it can be limited to home page slider only?


  9. Luis Kerr says:

    MTG, it will only affect the CQWP you chose.

  10. allison says:

    I have gone through all the directions but my slider is still showing the stacked images (all images are showing). I noticed some of the line numbers on this (2nd page) did not match up exactly with my files, can I see the entire pages’ code (ItemStyle.xsl and ContentQueryMain.xsl) so I can determine if I have mis-placed some of the code snippets? thanks!

  11. Ramya says:

    Actually where we need to add FlexSlider Plug-Ins? Im not getting idea.Please do help me.

  12. Luis Kerr says:

    Ramaya, if you would have followed the How To documentation for Responsive theme you would be fine:
    “Place responsive folder under your site root. Your site root is located here: C:/inetpub/wwwroot/wss/VirtualDirectories/80 (or whatever port you’re using for the site). Make sure Network and Network Service accounts have read permissions for this folder.”

  13. Ravi says:

    First of all, thanks for this wonderful article. I was trying to incorporate the steps above in SharePoint 2013. Despite going through all the steps, all my images are still stacked up rather than as a slider. Could you please give us your thoughts on this. Many Thanks!

  14. Mark says:

    I’m using SharePoint 2013 as well. We’re not using the responsive theme either. We’re trying to use just the Flexslider option. Do the Flexslider files need to sit at the Site Root? Please advise…seems like many people have posted the same question without a sufficient answer.

  15. Jon Marks says:

    I am also having the problem of all the images showing. I am not using the Responsive theme ( per company rules ). I have been through the instructions and code several times and everything appears correct to me. I am not a developer but am pretty good at following instructions and I am at a loss. I know this is a fairly old post, but any help would certainly be appreciated!

  16. kenneth says:

    hi i cannot see the style library nor the content query.. where can i find it.. or where can i use the codes that you give.. please help..

  17. mark says:

    Any way to add thumbnails with the same caption under the slider that navigates the slides? so basically same slider image listed under as a box with a thumbnail of the image and a space for the same caption?

  18. Dan Sanders says:

    This is great. Thanks.
    I got this working on SharePoint 2013 using the Flickity responsive banner (http://flickity.metafizzy.co)
    I just modified that Item code snippet to match what classes were required for Flickity. Also the [CDATA snippet at the start.
    Thanks for sharing.


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