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    Published: 30th March 2017

    SharePoint Framework (SPFx) toolchain is the set of tools that manage building and deploying your client side projects. The toolchain helps you build and test client-side web parts in your local development environment using SharePoint Workbench. These are the steps I took to install SPFx locally, and even though I encountered some issues, I managed to finalize the installation on my local Windows PC.

    Published: 28th March 2017

    We’re continuing our successful series on industry specific SharePoint web design showcase with few impressive websites affiliated to aviation and airline companies from around the world.

    Published: 17th March 2017

    Adobe Sign newly integration for SharePoint provides a neat solution for creating, sending, tracking, and managing electronic signatures without ever leaving SharePoint. Adobe Sign supports SharePoint workflows by using built-in logic to select who approves, when, based on agreement type or value.

    Published: 13th March 2017

    We’re continuing our series on industry specific SharePoint branding with another 50 beautiful websites belonging to manufacturing companies from all over the world.

    Published: 8th February 2017

    50 uplifting orange-based SharePoint websites that will stimulate your SharePoint branding creativity.

    Published: 13th January 2017

    For this post on color scheme inspiration we decided to help you lower your blood pressure a bit by showcasing 50 striking green based SharePoint websites.

    Published: 16th November 2016

    We’re continuing our series on industry specific SharePoint branding with a selection of the most beautiful insurance related websites.

    30 Food Related SharePoint Websites
    Published: 27th October 2016

    For this inspiration jolt we decided to gather some high-quality and well customized examples of food related websites based on SharePoint platform.

    Ultronic Premium SharePoint 2013/2016 Theme
    Published: 12th August 2016

    Ultronic is a clean and fully responsive flat design SharePoint 2013/2016 theme with a light and minimalistic styling, which is perfectly suited for corporate and business public-facing websites.

    Published: 29th July 2016

    Discover how the SharePoint mobile face has changed over the years and what a new mobile app released in June 2016 offers to users.

    100 Beautiful Light Websites Built on SharePoint
    Published: 22nd July 2016

    According to latest Design Trends and Best Practices, nothing is more impactful than an honest message on a quiet backdrop. Light web site design is typically associated with simplicity, honesty and when white space is properly used a clean and appealing look sets in, making the content easy to read and attractive. Of course, a light web design combined with two or three colors and different shades of those colors for diversity would increase the impact greatly hence the effectiveness of the layout.

    Published: 14th June 2016

    One of the most important and crucial steps when designing a website is the color scheme selection. It is well...

    Published: 3rd June 2016

    To emphasize SharePoint popularity amongst associations and societies I decided to continue the industry specific showcase we started awhile ago with this list of 50 inspiring and attractive examples of SharePoint websites in the aforementioned category.

    Published: 2nd May 2016

    50 inspiring and visually stunning websites for financial advisers, online trading, brokers, investment banking, credit unions and other financial institutions around the world.

    Somnio – Premium SharePoint 2013 Theme V2
    Published: 26th April 2016

    Somnio is a lightweight, multipurpose and fully responsive SharePoint 2013 theme intended for modern corporate public-facing websites with a clean and minimal design allowing visitors to focus on content.

    Published: 13th April 2016

    Purple is a luxurious and mysterious color with warm and cool properties and it is usually used to promote calmness and tranquility and it can boost creativity. I hope the SharePoint sites showcased here would spur some ideas on how you can use purple color in your next web design projects.

    Published: 19th March 2016

    In this industry specific showcase we will look at few well-designed SharePoint-based websites focused on travel and tourism.

    Published: 10th March 2016

    This web design showcases features SharePoint-based websites belonging to various research-related institutions.

    Published: 16th February 2016

    This showcase will present some of the best and unique SharePoint websites using blue as their main base color.

    Published: 15th February 2016

    Collection of 50 attractive SharePoint-based websites belonging to companies that provide energy services.

    Published: 2nd February 2016

    Nowadays the need for higher education institutions to a have a reliable, effective and attractive web presence is increasing as online technology is becoming an important part of the educational process.

    50 Beautiful Dark Websites Built on SharePoint
    Published: 22nd January 2016

    Personally I am very fond of dark websites even though clean light web design is the main choice, especially in the corporate world. It is true that dark designs have a tendency to feel a bit heavy and harder to read if lot of text is presented but I feel they look more elegant and creative.

    Published: 15th January 2016

    The following list presents 30 SharePoint websites that make use of little needless design elements but still can pull off a good-looking appearance. If you agree that Less is More I am very positive that you will find branding inspiration in these websites.

    Published: 5th January 2016

    In 2015, 182 websites have been submitted to our showcase bringing the total number of SharePoint-based websites to 2,895. We...

    Published: 11th November 2015

    This article will showcase 30 best rated non profit companies with websites built on SharePoint. Because of the budget limitations, websites belonging to non profit organizations were often regarded as bland and unattractive. This is not the case anymore.

    Published: 3rd November 2015

    This showcase will feature some of the best designed government websites from around the world built with SharePoint. Guaranteed to help you in your quest for a better SharePoint branding.

    Published: 14th October 2015

    The following tutorial provides you with few simple steps to implement dynamic Bootstrap tabs on SharePoint 2013 sites based on web part zones, also called tabbed web parts.

    SharePoint Sites of the Month #18
    Published: 16th September 2015

    Here is another SharePoint branding collection of few creative websites with brilliant designs submitted to our showcase over the past weeks. Five of the websites were built with SharePoint 2013, and four with SharePoint 2010.

    Published: 2nd September 2015

    It is just a matter of time until a decision is made to migrate from an older version of SharePoint or even from a different enterprise content management (EMC) to the latest version of SharePoint.

    Published: 30th July 2015

    Few cool examples of SharePoint Search Result Pages. Website search functionality is tremendously important to any respectable site, if not THE most important feature available to visitors.

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