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Microsoft Explains SharePoint Branding and Rolls Out New Framework

Microsoft Explains SharePoint Branding and Rolls Out New Framework

Microsoft announced some news earlier this month of concern to IT pros that maintain SharePoint Online intranets, including the nuances of adding "branding" to sites. The branding issue was addressed in a helpful Microsoft Tech Community post by Bob German, a partner technical architect at Microsoft. read more

Inconvenient logging exceptions in SharePoint Framework production bundles

So you optimized your SharePoint Framework bundle for production. Your variable names are shortened and white-spaces are removed. Like a good developer, you instrumented your code with logging, in case something doesn't work as expected. One day you get an exception. The stack trace leaves you clueless. You look... read more

Add Site Column to List using PowerShell

How to Add a Site Column to SharePoint Online List? Site columns in SharePoint provides great re-usability without having to recreate same columns multiple times! Once created at top level site, we can utilize them to store metadata in any number of lists and libraries under the hierarchy. read more

Site Collection Permissions Report using PowerShell

SharePoint Online: Site Collection Permissions Report using PowerShell. This PowerShell script generates permission report on all objects which has unique permissions on the given site collection. It scans through the following: Site collection administrators group, Given site collection and sub-sites with unique permissions, All lists and libraries with unique... read more

PowerApps Gallery of Attachments

If you'd like to add a bunch of photo attachments to an item in SharePoint, and then have the ability to view them all as a gallery of images on the item, here's how to do it. This is using a SharePoint list, and the attachments control in the... read more

Adding the SharePoint Stubs to Your VS Code PowerShell Profile

One of the more esoteric problems with SnapIns is a total lack of portability. In many situations you want to author scripts without being on a virtual machine that has SharePoint installed. Thanks to the nice chaps who made the SharePoint DSC resources, we can do this easily by... read more

SharePoint Hub Sites Updates, Plus New Page and Web Part Improvements

What is the one thing that we can guarantee is going to happen in every business? Change. And when it happens, you want to be in control of how it happens, and how efficiently you can make it happen – in style – while maintaining a level of automation... read more

Microsoft Enhancing SharePoint Online Capabilities Next Month

Microsoft will preview SharePoint Online improvements next month, including an expanded limit on Hub Site creation plus scripting additions for automating site provisioning. Hub Sites are Microsoft's new "flat design" approach for SharePoint Online intranets. read more

Where SharePoint Spaces Can Fit in Your Organization

Microsoft unveiled SharePoint Spaces during the SharePoint Virtual Summit in May, bringing the exciting world of mixed reality into the familiar collaboration platform. The new functionality will come to Office 365 and Microsoft 365 tenants first, so as has become the norm, SharePoint on-premises owners won’t be able to... read more

Deprecating Features in SharePoint – Are you Prepared?

We sat down with three of our MVPs Tobias Zimmergren, Erwin van Hunen and Waldek Mastykarz to chew the fat – among many other things, there was an interesting segment about deprecating features within SharePoint read more

6 locations where you can set security for files in SharePoint and Office 365

One of the most frequent concerns/questions users have about security in SharePoint, is whether or not the files you store in Office 365 ecosystem are safe and secure and can’t accidentally be accessed by curious colleagues or discovered by accident by those who do not need to see them.... read more
SharePoint Phishing Attack On Office 365 Users

SharePoint Phishing Attack On Office 365 Users

The attack dubbed "PhishPoint" by Cloud Security vendor Avanan demonstrates the craftiness and extent cybercriminals will go to in order to harvest Office 365 credentials. What makes this attack so evil is that even Microsoft didn’t see this one coming. While they scan emails for suspicious links and attachments,... read more