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SharePoint Online To Get ‘Modern’ Site Creation Improvements

Microsoft announced it will be changing how Team Sites and Communication Sites get created by end users in a coming update to SharePoint Online for Office 365 users. End users will be getting the ability to create so-called "modern" sites, even if they don't have the permissions to create... read more

SharePoint 2019 Says Hello to 6 Features and Goodbye to 6 Others

Earlier this year, Microsoft shared a sneak peek of some of the new features it intended to bring to SharePoint 2019. The launch of the new preview version last week contained many of those features, as well as a promise of more to come. According to a blog post... read more

How to Persuade Outlook Users to Adopt SharePoint

Event and meeting coordinators who use Outlook have one thing in common: they dislike being the bottleneck for everyday tasks relating to calendar management. When looking to convert users from Outlook to SharePoint, people like this are prime candidates to start with. Showing them how any team-member with the... read more

Microsoft Releases Previews of SharePoint Server 2019

The SharePoint Server 2019 preview, is modeled on the current SharePoint Server 2016 product, though it also adopts some SharePoint Online features. Microsoft plans to release SharePoint Server 2019 sometime this fall. For end users, Microsoft has ported a number of its SharePoint Online "modern" experiences over to SharePoint... read more

Microsoft MCSA 7 Exam: Details and Why It Is a Good Choice

Microsoft certifications are very popular as every company is dealing with these servers. Nowadays many companies are using Office 365 so they are hiring experienced ones thus Microsoft 7 certification exam is becoming popular. Candidates must have knowledge of Office 365 Admin center and Skype for Business Online, SharePoint,... read more

5 Things You Can Do to Prepare for your SharePoint 2019 Migration

This week I'm going to tell you about 5 things you can to start getting ready for SharePoint 2019. This article is mainly just an appetizer to whet your appetite, we’ll cover all of these activities in greater depth in later articles. read more

What is a SharePoint communication site?

A SharePoint communication site is a great place to share information with others. You can share news, reports, statuses, and other information in a visually compelling format. When you create a communication site in SharePoint Online, you can start with a blank site or choose one of the other... read more
SharePoint vs Microsoft Teams or is it Both?

SharePoint vs Microsoft Teams or is it Both?

Office 365 Group (created from Microsoft Teams) gives us a common SharePoint site, OneNote, Power BI workspace, Plan(ner), shared Mailbox & Calendar and a Group in Stream to apply permissions with (not a channel). Thus, you have a SharePoint site with the same name as your Microsoft Team, and... read more
Modernize your SharePoint Team Sites by Connecting Them to New Office 365 Groups

Modernize your SharePoint Team Sites by Connecting Them to New Office 365 Groups

SharePoint powers content collaboration in Office 365. At work, it is important for every team member to streamline efforts and stay on the same page. Group-connected SharePoint team sites provide a central location to manage team files, input and connect to important data, and share timely news. read more

SharePoint Online Bulk Uploader Tool

Office 365 Bulk File Upload App is a SharePoint bulk upload tool with a convenient user interface, allowing to perform bulk uploads to Office 365 libraries and list items. With SharePoint Bulk Files Uploader, user can set the maximum file size and extensions available for upload. You can add... read more

Increase in SharePoint Online storage allocation

Microsoft recently announced a significant increase to its SharePoint online storage allocation, which, for heavy users of the platform is going to be a welcome upgrade. Users can now access a storage allocation of 20 times what it was before read more

How to Create a Custom List in SharePoint

What if you want to create a custom list in SharePoint with your own custom columns and replicate, say an Excel spreadsheet? It is not that hard at all to accomplish in SharePoint – let me show how to do this. read more