Synesthesia – Free SharePoint 2010 Theme

Author: Luis Kerr

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88 Responses

  1. hnieef says:

    can i use in sharepoint foundation 2010. it seem i can’t find layout folder. advice please..

  2. Luis says:

    hnieef, I did not test the theme on SharePoint Foundation 2010. But if you can get to the master pages using SharePoint Designer you might have some luck.

  3. Sid says:

    This theme was designed for SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites not for SharePoint Foundation 2010.

  4. nancyk says:

    Nice work! Looks great in Fireworks but , I’m having trouble rendering pages in IE7. After some troubleshooting, I believe the answer lies somewhere in the CSS. Are there some declaration(s) in your CSS that you know IE7 doesn’t handle well? I’m hoping to be able to tweak. Thanks in advance.

  5. Jovi says:

    My site was created using a team site, and I’m having trouble setting this up. Is it because it was not made to work on a Team Site?

  6. Mike says:

    Great-looking theme, except I have followed the instructions and now all my pages have the slider images. It seems that following the advice in step “On your SharePoint Designer, under Master Pages, right click on the synesthesia-home.master and select “Set as Custom Master Page”. This will make the synesthesia-home.master as your default homepage layout” changes the Site Master Page in Site Settings…

  7. Jesse says:


    I configure the .css to be IE7 compatible, but I still can’t view the site on IE7, do you know of a script in the css or Master Page that is preventing the site to open in IE7?


  8. Sid says:

    Jesse, it looks like your IE7 doesn’t allow scripts or anonymous access is not enabled. Check this article:

  9. Max says:

    Jovi, as it is stated, this theme is only good for Publishing Sites not Team Sites.

  10. Steve says:

    Will this theme work with Office 365 or BPOS?

  11. Luis Kerr says:

    Steve, I doubt it will work. Didn’t try it… This theme is designed for Publishing sites.

  12. SOD says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    I like the theme is serious but good to see the possibility of what Jesse said.

  13. Arindam says:


  14. Monica says:

    Thanks for sharing

  15. NicolasG says:

    @Steve, Yes it works on Office 365. Have a look on Philippe Santenac blog, This guy is a great SharePoint devleopper and he’s explaining on his blog how to deploy the template using Feature. And installation in sandobx mode using Sand Box Solution.
    Great for Office 365 !
    Thanks for this great template!!

  16. fernando says:

    Great job, but has anyone gotten this to work on ie7?

  17. Matt says:

    Thanks for the theme…I have been tryiing to follow the instructions step by step but have reached a dead end when I get to the instruction: ‘Go to your site and edit all the pages to inherit the custom page layout “Synesthesia”.
    At this point my options do not appear like the ones you have shown….I cannot see “Page Layouts”. Here is what I try….
    I go to my website (the collection, not central admin)
    I choose “edit page” on the front page.
    I look through all the ribbon options…”Page Layout” does not appear…closest thing is “Text Layout” under the Format Text tab. Any clues?

  18. joe says:

    You first have to make page layouts available by going into your site and clicking Site Actions > Site Settings > Master Page and Page Layouts

  19. Matt says:

    Thanks…have tried this…but when we look on the Page Layout options..”Syneshesia” does not appear. In addition when we go into Sharepoint Designer and try and copy the file into Page Layouts it says “this file already exists”….why wouldn’t this page layout exist as an option even though it apparently already exists?

  20. Pandora says:

    Hi, thank you for sharing this theme =)

    I installed the theme and looks good,but I have a problem, the slider in the home page doesn’t work, only appear all the images together … what can I do for fixing this issue? what is happening?

    I hope someone can help me…

    Thanks in advance


  21. Luis Kerr says:

    Pandora, make sure you have the right path to the jQuery. It looks like a javascript issue. Or, maybe your browser blocks javascript?

  22. Luis Kerr says:

    Matt, my guess is that your Syneshesia page was not approved by someone with approval rights. Make sure you check in the page and approve it in order to see it in the page layout list.

  23. Mike A says:

    Great theme! Works perfectly. My only question is how would I go about either making the fixed width wider or removing it?

  24. ZootT says:

    Great stuff. Managed to get going on o365. Not sure how you change text on the NivoSlide? Any help appreciated!

  25. Luis Kerr says:

    ZootT, open synesthesia-home.master in SharePoint Designer and look for the Slider. Make the changes in the title attribute. Line# 35

  26. Phey says:


    How can I show the lists and libraries on the internal pages?

  27. Michael says:

    I’m brand new to Sharepoint and Office 365 – When I try to follow the steps below – they don’t seem to work for Office365 – could someone please let me know what I should do differently to get this to work? For example, I can see a “Page Layouts” option and don’t know how to make that option appear.

    PageLayout folder contains a custom page layout created for this theme. This page layout allows you to display the left navigation and other custom functions. Import this custom page layout into “Page Layouts” site objects in SharePoint Designer.

    And finally, the third folder called synesthesia contains a css folder, images folder and scripts folder.
    Place the synesthesia folder under your site root. Make sure Network and Network Service accounts have read permissions on this folder.

  28. Luis Kerr says:

    Michael, this theme is not designed for Office 365. Someone modified it for the 365 here

  29. Michael says:

    Wish I could speak / read french 🙂

  30. Tumi says:

    I cant seem to display my quicklinks. they are there, but i cant see them on my pages.

  31. Leo Linhares says:

    Thanks (from Brazil !!!) for the theme…
    I have a problem… In internal network (http://portal) is ok… but external network ( I can not see the images … text only,
    the master page does not appear.

  32. Luis Kerr says:

    Leo, place the synesthesia folder under your site root. Make sure Network and Network Service accounts have read permissions on this folder.

  33. Anthony says:

    I installed this fine.. everything seems to work fine EXCEPT.. The quick launch menu does not display. I did a view source and this is what I see…

    !– Left Navigation —

    !– PlaceHolder for Quick Launch bar —

    !– End Left Nav —

  34. Nandi says:

    I am trying to use this template, but i do not get the page layout icon in the ribbon , is there anything i am missing, (Go to your site and edit all the pages to inherit the custom page layout “Synesthesia”.)

  35. Prem says:

    It worked like gem for me 🙂 Thanks a lot 🙂

  36. tumi says:

    Hi Luis. Im using SharePoint foundation, maybe that’s why my left navigation doesnt work. My bosses and I really like the theme and want to encorporate it into our business portal. Please help, otherwise we have to scrap the whole idea and find another theme to use.

  37. Jai says:


    Both the free themes are looking great. I understand these are for Publishing site. Our primary requirement is a TeamSite, but I was thinking we could have a Publishing site homepage and then link to a TeamSite as a Microsite. Is this possible? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  38. Brett says:

    Hi all, Has anyone got this theme working with IE7?
    Is there a CSS file that needs to be applied?

  39. Timo says:

    Works also with foundation. You just need to modify the source code a little bit 😉

  40. Jon says:


    I have benn follwing the guide step by step – but after i apply the masterpage layout to my site home – I get some problems 🙁

    I see the basic page layout is changed – but i do not see any of the theme colurs, the theme slider or anything like this.

    I am usign SP Server 2010 Stnd for Intranet sites. The site collection is a publishing site etc.
    The Synesthesia is in the IIS root for the web application and i have made sure NETWORK and NETWORK SERVICE have read permissions on the folder and all sub folders.

    Still no images or true theme is applied.

    What am i doing wrong?

  41. Jon says:

    Following my last post – fixed my CSS issue – the path was not correct.

    New question – how do i stop the Tab title of the site reading

    “Synesthesia theme by – ”

    I don’t want my external sites branded in this way ..

  42. David says:

    I am trying to install it in SharePoint 2007. Is it working on SharePoing 2007?
    Also, when I try to import in Sharepoint Designer 2007, I receive the error message: Error to create controller ScripManager, delegatecontrol, securitytrimmedcontrol, TopNavigationMenu V4
    How can I fix it?

  43. Luis Kerr says:

    David, this theme is not designed for SharePoint 2007. It only works with SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites.

  44. Luis Kerr says:

    Jon, you can modify the title description on the synesthesia.aspx page layout.

  45. Luis Kerr says:

    Brett, try to add this meta tag in the header: meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=EmulateIE7″

  46. Brett says:

    Thanks Luis, that worked for IE7. You Rock!

  47. Brett says:

    My mistake, tested it in IE8 instead of 7, that didn’t work, still looking for a fix for IE7. Thanks.

  48. Brett says:

    Luis, Found the error for IE7.
    Within Synesthesia.css, under the .shadowRight class – Remove “position: relative”. I’ve tested this on two different systems and for some reason IE7 does not like this css setting.

  49. Jai says:

    The theme installed successfully and looks great. Just one issue – if I add users to the Publishing site groups, the new users are not able to see this site. It gives a Page Not Found error. I (admin) am able to view the site, but none of the users are able to see it. Any pointers?

  50. Luis Kerr says:

    Jai, it looks like you’re having some access rights issues. Take a look this article on how to tweak the anonymous access:

  51. Brian Marvin says:

    You guys did a marvelous job with this theme. It worked excellent on my publishing site and I am very happy with the results. It was easy to modify for our purposes and we thank you!

  52. Brett says:

    This theme is great but I needed this for my SP Foundation Team Site, so I’ve modified the code to not only work in SP Foundation but also IE7 & IE8.
    You can download the zip file from here: (
    Note: I’ve disabled the quick launch so you can fit more web-parts and the front screen is blank other than that it looks great.

  53. Naveed says:

    Luis, all goes well after applying all steps theme is pretty good well done. but there is an issue i can’t see my left navigation after applying this theme any idea?

  54. Karl says:

    Love the theme!,

    but how or what file contains the sizing for the home page slider?

    I would like to customise this to make it smaller? is that possible?

  55. Jaco says:

    Hi Luis,

    I have used this template and it works great. thank you very much for this.
    I just have one problem, I have tested the site in all browsers (IE9, SAFARI, CHROME, FireFox). The site works on all browsers, but for firefox the slider does not display the images. The images are all checked in and published and approved and they show on other browsers. do you maybe know what i can do to fix this?

  56. Davidtam says:


    This is a great templates.But i still cannot implement into my existing sharepoint 2010 Enterprise. I was stuck at master page import, while I use SharePoint Designer 2010 and select master files categories, then choose import download files to import, after completed , it cannot shown on master page, it show on Page layout, how to change it to a master page content type? anyone was successfully implement? Please share the details steps to me, thanks.

  57. Sylvain says:

    Hi Luis,

    This theme is really fine but i can’t see my left navigation, i tried a few modifications but it still don’t work.
    I’m currently using a Team site and not a publishing site so i can’t change the page layout to the synesthesia.

    Have you an idea to make this theme work on a team site with left navigation ?


  58. Luis Kerr says:

    Jaco, the slider is on homepage-boxes.htm. Come on people, basic HTML!

  59. Luis Kerr says:

    Naveed, apply the page layout provided to see the navigation.

  60. Luis Kerr says:

    Sylvain, the theme is designed for Publishing sites not Team sites.

  61. Brett T says:

    I managed to get the theme installed but am discovering that the side navigation does not show up. What do I need to do to make this appear?


  62. You can find a SharePoint Foundation-compatible and packaged version (WSP) of this master page at

  63. Pri says:

    Could you please clarify me ^site root^ thanks

  64. Sylvain says:

    I have installed successfully this theme in my new publishing site but i have the slider in every page and not only in the homepage, could you explain me what i missed ? plz

  65. Luis Kerr says:

    Pri, by default, SharePoint will create a folder under your site root: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80

  66. Luis Kerr says:

    Sylvain, you need to make synesthesia.master as the default master page by going to your site homepage and click on Site Actions >> Site Settings.
    Under “Look and Feel” click on “Master page” and under Site Master Page select synesthesia.master and click OK. After making synesthesia.master as your default master page across the site, on your SharePoint Designer, under Master Pages, right click on the synesthesia-home.master and select “Set as Custom Master Page’. This will make the synesthesia-home.master as your default homepage layout.

  67. Chris says:

    Hi, Im a bit disappointed as I’ve followed your instructions but can’t seem to locate the .maser pager in the site master page settings screen

  68. Tom C. says:

    Chris, I had the same problem. Try to create a new master page instead of importing the master page provided in the package. For some reasons when you import the master page it goes under Page layouts not Master Pages. Just go to the Master Pages and create a new master page. Copy all the code form Synesthesia master page and paste it into the newly created master page. It worked for me. Good luck! Great theme, btw!

  69. Bobby says:

    Is there a way to show the ribbon for all users? I’ve been trying to find a way to display it for other than “editors” but haven’t had any luck.

  70. Claus says:

    Hi Bobby,
    I had the same challenges. You need to edit your master page in Sharepoint designer, and go to the code view. Find the three instances of the string “AddAndCustomizePages” and replaceit with “ViewPages”. This will enable all users with priveleges to view you pages to see the ribbon. It’s a bit dodgy, but it works…
    Remember to go to your master page gallery and approve the changes when you are done.

  71. Ad says:

    Hi Luis,

    Any idea on how to move the search box inside the global nav?



  72. ahmer ertekin says:


    Very thanks for the beatiful theme. I wonder how to make this theme deployable. May you shed some lights? And instead of copying the css&images directory to the root folder can we deploy them to a directory under hive _layouts folder?


  73. Luis Kerr says:

    ahmer, you definitely can move the css and image folder under hive _layouts. Just make sure you reference the right path.

  74. Sudhir says:


    I have applied Synesthesia theme to my sharepoint site,
    everything is working fine just i have come accross that after applying this theme the Site Collection Features from Site Collection Administration is not working as it gives and Error “An unexpected error has occurred.”

    if i apply v4.master it works fine..


  75. Luis Kerr says:

    Sudhir, do not apply the theme to the administration site. Keep the default admin theme.

  76. Sudhir says:

    Hi Luis Kerr,

    the issue has been resolved, as it was my mistake,
    i have removed Placeholder of SiteName,
    so there is missing placeholder “PlaceHolderSiteName”
    i have inserted it as

    and everything is working fine….
    now i can apply the theme to administration site.


  77. Lamvi says:


    The theme looks very nice and organized. Thank you very much (it’s free).

    Additional pics for the slides do not show up and don’t know why.

    Please help.


  78. Luis Kerr says:

    Lamvi, make sure you place the images in the images folder under synesthesia (synesthesia >> images). Your path to the image should be something like this: http://yoursite/synesthesia/images/yourimage.jpg

  79. Lamvi says:

    Thank you Luis.

    Quick Launch does not appear on the left after I open a Library/Docs. It always appear on the home page. How do I fix this?

    Thank you all and you are doing a wonderful job.

  80. zohre says:


    i tried install theme but there is not Page Layout in list?
    Please Help me!

    Thank you.

  81. Luis Kerr says:

    zohre, this theme is for SharePoint 2010 Publishing Sites. It looks like you’re trying to use it something else since you don’t have the Page layout…

  82. Luca Sanchez says:

    Luis, I am having an absolute nightmare trying to center align the text headings for the top navigation bar using this theme. I have tried multiple options to try and edit the class NavMainBar CSS but having no luck. Can you help me out?

  83. Busri says:

    Where do you place CSS & images for sites NOT under the default root? Sites that use a different site collection than the default.

  84. Busri says:


    If you’re not using a Publishing Site then you need to enable the Publishing Feature (Site Actions –> Site Features)

  85. Luis Kerr says:

    Busri, you could also upload the images under SiteCollectionImages for your site.

  86. Gary C says:

    I have applied the theme and it looks good. However I have an issue with the ribbon. On a long page the ribbon scrolls off the screen. How can I get the ribbon to be fixed and the content scroll underneath it, yet have the page at the fixed width? On long pages it becomes impossible to edit the page as the editing controls are no longer on the screen.

  87. Cristian says:

    I don’t have Page Layouts in the Site Objects block…How can I add it there?

  88. Esmeralda says:

    This piece of writing will help the internet visitors for
    setting up new web site or even a weblog from start to end.


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