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  1. Flavio Paes says:

    I am proud to have participated in this project. Congratulations to Embraer and the entire team.

  2. Looks like SharePoint 2007? Are you sure this was done with SP 2010?

  3. Luis Kerr says:

    Mark, Embraer site is 100% SharePoint 2010. Just view the source code and look for the style corev4.css. A really awesome SharePoint-powered site as featured in Max’s article: https://topsharepoint.com/3awesome-sharepoint-powered-sites

  4. Sharepoint says:

    Nice above the picture and related SharePoint site.I got more information.I have a windows mobile and I have installed SharePoint 2013 It’s really good working.Again Thanks for your important information.

  5. Mike says:

    Who developed this site? Embraer themselves, or a third party vendor?


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