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    30 Awesome SharePoint-powered Sites
    Published: 31st October 2016

    Occasionally, people hear that I’m involved with SharePoint, and usually I get few basic questions about it. Frequently, they just want some branding examples, so they can see what it looks like.

    Published: 4th August 2016

    Wondering if you should buy a SharePoint book currently on the market or wait few more months for a better one? The following list will allow you to get a sneak preview of some interesting SharePoint books coming out in the next few months.

    Published: 10th December 2015

    If you are searching for examples of website design used by healthcare providers or real world examples of SharePoint branding you came to the right spot. For this inspirational post I compiled a list of the best designed hospital websites built on SharePoint platform from around the world.

    Published: 30th November 2015

    In this article we’ll examine some Vanity URL/Shorten URL solutions available for SharePoint from third-party software providers.

    Published: 28th October 2015

    The following showcase presents few exceptional examples of SharePoint-based websites that innovatively use large images as backgrounds.

    Published: 22nd April 2014

    A neat PowerShell script that list all the checked out Items in SharePoint.

    Change SharePoint 2013 Title
    Published: 18th February 2014

    Here is an easy way to replace the SharePoint text on SharePoint 2013 blue bar.

    Published: 16th November 2013

    By default SharePoint 2010 prompts you to save PDFs instead of open them in the browser. This can be very irritating for the website visitors forcing them to save the PDF files.

    Published: 4th June 2013

    For some unknown reasons the Publish tab disappeared on some custom page layouts. I did get all the options under the “Page” tab including the “Check Out/Check In” buttons.

    Published: 17th September 2012

    One of my clients had contacted me over the weekend complaining that their website worked intermittently for couple of days. Simple two box environment, SharePoint 2007 with no SPs installed (and I don’t blame them) and a SQL 2005 box.

    Published: 24th August 2012

    With the responsive design adoption for SharePoint websites now in full swing a question pops up very often amongst SharePoint designers: “How do I turn off mobile browsing available by default in SharePoint 2010 & 2013?” The answer is, very simple.

    Published: 29th June 2012

    The title tag of any page and for this matter of SharePoint public-facing page shows at the top of the browser, in the search engine results and in external websites, especially on social media sites when sharing a page.

    Published: 12th April 2012

    For this web design inspiration jolt, I decided to continue our series of industry specific showcase with a collection of 50 beautiful and innovative technology related companies with websites built on SharePoint.

    Published: 19th February 2012

    There are so many reasons one would like to rename a SharePoint 2010 web application, whether for consistency sake, cosmetics or even to correct misspellings, now with the power of PowerShell it’s just a walk in the park.

    Published: 21st May 2011

    To help you find a consulting company with few years of SharePoint branding experience and some successful projects based on SharePoint platform we’ve compiled this list which is frequently updated.

    Automating Your SharePoint 2010 Installation
    Published: 13th May 2011

    SharePoint 2010 can be installed in two ways: using a wizard or using Windows PowerShell. With the wizard, you will...

    Published: 3rd January 2011

    Even though SharePoint 2007 search engine was not bad, SharePoint 2010 is two steps forward. The two steps are called SharePoint 2010 Search Engine and FAST Search Server 2010.

    Social Sites 2010 for iPhone and iPad
    Published: 17th November 2010

    NewsGator unveiled its new iPhone and iPad apps that will extend the rich social computing experience of enterprise collaboration software...

    Published: 27th August 2010

    Developer Dashboard is one of the hidden gems available on SharePoint 2010. Often overlooked by administrators, this neat feature, disabled by default, provides performance and tracing information that can be put into good use to debug and troubleshoot page rendering time issues.

    SharePoint for Comcast Customers
    Published: 16th July 2010

    Comcast started to roll out its newly 100 Mbps high-speed Internet service to businesses, for now only in Delaware County,...

    SharePoint 2010 State Service
    Published: 8th July 2010

    If you have skipped the Farm Configuration Wizard when you installed SharePoint 2010 you might come across this error trying to publish a page or stating a workflow.

    SharePoint 2010 Related Videos – Part 1
    Published: 27th June 2010

    Whether you want to get a sneak peek at what the latest Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or just improve your knowledge,...

    December Cumulative Updates
    Published: 30th January 2010

    SharePoint Server 2007 Cumulative Update Packages for December 2009 are now available. To successfully plan and deploy these updates follow...

    SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Approaches
    Published: 19th October 2009

    Microsoft just released four models that help you plan on updating your SharePoint 2007 installation to SharePoint 2010.

    Increased Sales Of SharePoint
    Published: 12th August 2009

    SharePoint is still the most successful and increasingly controversial line of software created by Microsoft. Companies use it to deploy...

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